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Hi my friends and fans, look what i have found: My good Friend DAVE37 MADE a Crossover Pictrure with Pokemon and Fire Emblem Awakening:

Since i love both Games now, i tell you which Character from the Pokemon Anime could match with one of the Characters of the Game!

We start of course with Ash. And i mean the ADULT Versions of the Characters, not the KID Versions.

Ash Ketchum by Kaivolate

Of course tAsh is the MALE Avatar, cause he (besides Chrom) is the Main Hero of the Game, in German and English the MALE and FEMALE Avatar is known as Robin, and looks so:…

Why is Ash Robin? Easy! Cause you can the other Hero Chrom only with 6 girls (Sumia, Sully, Olivia, Mariebelle, Female Villager and Female Avatar) but you can Robin with EACH female Character (Except the Downloaded ones like Eirika or Lyn), and my Group is called Ashs many Girls. So Ash is of COURSE the Male Avatar.

Now its Traceys Time.

Tracey - Kenji Stamp by KamisStamps
It will surprise you, but i think Tracey is perfect as Prince Chrom! Why? Well, if you read who is Sully, Mariebelle, Sumia, Olivia (at least in my Opinion) you will find out why Tracey is suited for Chrom. Besides that, like i said: He was Ashs nicest travelling Partner and one of his best friends.…

This is Chrom, for all which dont know him.

Misty by Marco2099

Misty, the tomboyish Mermaid, is perfect suited for Sully!

Why Sully? Cause Sully wants to profe that she is better then any Man, is sometimes very rude and can curse better then all Males in her Troup. And she even has RED Hair and cant cook!

Sounds for me like Misty. little Harsh in the outside, but pretty in the inside.…

Thats Sully!

Bianca, Ashs Rival from Unova is Sumia!

Bianca by Ashka-chan

Why she? Cause she as nice, but sadly as clumsy as the beautiful Sumia. But like i said: She fits with Ash or Tracey, thats why she is Sumia.…

Thats Sumia!

Brock, our "Heartbreaker", is Virion!

Pokemon: Brock by SractheNinja

Why? Virion is a Womanizer like Brock, but just like him, he doesent has much luck. Sully almost broke his Arm when he tried to marry her, and also he is an Archer, which cant attack directly, sadly. But still Virion is funny and his dialoges were cool!…

This is Virion!

More Names come soon, but did you like my Choices?

All rights have Nintendo, Intelligent Systems, and the Artists which made the Pics!



Poke Emblem Awakening? by Austria-Gentleman

©2013-2016 Austria-Gentleman
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Starfighter364 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Speaking of Fire Emblem Awakening, have you checked out my newest journal entry for my profile (there is also an update for my group journals where a pairing for the Avatar can be voted on)?
Austria-Gentleman Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
no, where it is?
DAVE37 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
awesome! can't wait to see more
Austria-Gentleman Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
you have to wait, but it will be epic. dont worry.
DAVE37 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Austria-Gentleman Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
^^ yes ^^
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